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Mounting structures are designed following the international codes of design and in line with the local authority standards. In SolarShade, analysis and modeling is done using the most advanced design software programs at the hands of professional structural engineers, which provide the most optimum structural designs in terms of cost and stability.


The design process includes the following:

1. Site visits and data collection.

2. Geo-technical analysis.

3. Foundations & structural designs.

4. Modeling & shop-drawings preparation.



SolarShade performs the steel and aluminum work in fully equipped factories by qualified and certified fabricators and welders; conforming to ISO 9001 quality management system. In SolarShade, quality and production plans are well maintained to meet the outcome desired by our customers.



Mechanical installation and civil work is done by a professional team that is well-experienced and familiar with SolarShade’s structures and method statements.


As an engineering company, we support the solar industry professionals with the following consultancy services:

1. Structural design package.
2. Existing buildings stability check.
3. Local authority approvals.
4. Structural design documents for tenders.
5. Installation & civil work supervision.
6. Quality assurance.


SolarShade is a company that provides architectural and structural mounting solutions for residential and commercial solar systems.

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